Enjoy your favourite brew, a herbal tea, or something over ice in the World's first Barista standard reusable cup. Designed for pure drinking pleasure on the go.

Polypropylene cup and lid are BPA/BPS free and 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Lightweight and unbreakable. The plug lifts and swivels to open the breather vent and drinking hole. It lifts and swivels again to close.

The silicone band can be used to personalise your coffee preferences by etching and wiping inside the coffee text. The band insulates your hand from your hot beverage.

Size guide:

SMALL - Internal volume - 227ml / 8oz (Barista standard small size)
MEDIUM - Internal volume - 340ml / 12oz (Barista standard 'mug' size)


A KeepCup says it is microwave safe to 120 degrees. However, make sure you remove the lid first as the lid WILL MELT if placed in the microwave.
The KeepCup has undergone rigorous testing and has proven sufficient to carry boiling water, providing it is held by the silicone band and the plug remains in the open position to release steam. However, the KeepCup was designed specifically for espresso coffee, which is served at 65 degrees and not at boiling point. Moreover, if you heat the milk for a coffee to a point much higher than 65 degrees, it will burn and your coffee will taste terrible!
As with most things, the more care you take washing your cups, the longer they will last. KeepCup recommends placing the KeepCup securely on the top rack of the dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths on any KeepCup. Care should be taken: scratching or denting the cup or lid can compromise the seal. Even minor abrasion to the rim of the cup or lid seal area will compromise the seal. Nothing restores the KeepCup like gently rubbing the KeepCup with a paste of bicarbonate soda with lemon and rinsing thoroughly. In between use ensure the KeepCup is kept dry and stored with the lid off to avoid any unwanted smells developing.