Le Edit - Organic Cotton Muslin Cot Sheet - Blanc

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Lightweight, breathable and made from 100% Organic Cotton Muslin this Fitted Cot Sheet is naturally dyed.

Why Organic Cotton? Because it's the best there is for your family and the environment. Soft, luxurious and produced free of chemicals, perfect for sensitive skin.


Washing instructions for botanically dyed, organic muslin fabric

• Gentle hand wash only

• Wash separately in cold water using a mild eco-friendly washing liquid

• Do not bleach

• Do not scrub

• Wring out gently and allow to dry lying flat in shade

• Iron on reverse Plant based dying and its unique colour care:

• It is recommended to wash garments before the first use to remove unattached dyes

• Water marks may form if textiles are left partially in water

• Variations in shades is due to the difference in fabric quality, climatic changes, difference in water quality, inconsistency in the properties of the herbs which are the main ingredients of the dyeing process

• Allow 2% to 6% shrinkage after washing